MT6592[3.4.67][Nougat] AICP N R36 For Micromax E313 By Anupam

MT6592[3.4.67][Nougat] AICP N R36 For Micromax E313 By Anupam

Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat ROM

AICP is known by everyone as the “Ice Cold Project” that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!! so presenting MT6592[3.4.67][Nougat] AICP N R36 For Micromax E313


Features :

– 3minit Battery Mod
– Ability To Enable/disable Settings Drawer
– Adjust Brightness By Sliding Statusbar
– Adjust Volume Dialog Timeout
– Aicp Extras App For Customizations
– Aicp Logo In Stausbar
– Allow More Time Steps To ‘do Not Disturb’
– Allow To Set Custom Brightness For Ambient Display And Lifttowake
– Aokp Custom System Animations For Power Menu
– Aosp Recents Grid Style
– App Circle Sidebar
– App Exit Toast
– App Sidebar
– Appops
– Automatic Speakerphone By Checking Proximity (Dialer)
– Battery Bar
– Battery Bar With Color Change & Animation On Charge
– Battery Save Mode Custom Color
– Bluetooth Battery Level Display For External Devices
– Blur On Lockscreen
– Blur Ui
– Brightness Icon And Position Settings
– Brightness Slider
– Camera Sound (For Build-in Camera App)
– Change Carrier Label
– Change Device’s Hostname
– Change Heads-up Notifications Globally For All Apps
– Charging Sounds: Add Option To Notify On Charger Connect Only
– Charging Sounds: Add Option To Use Default Charging Sound
– Circle App Bar
– Color Picker
– Compressed Dashboard Menu
– Current Charging Status On Lockscreen
– Custom Carrier Label
– Custom Doze Options For Notifications (Pulsing, Inverted Notifications,…)
– Customize Night Mode Brightness Settings
– Dialer Call Recording
– Dialer: Show Contacts With Phone Numbers Only
– Disable Qs Header Tiles For Edit/expand/multiuser/services
– Disabling Fc Notifications
– Disabling Immersive Mode Messages
– Double Tap To Sleep On Lockscreen
– Dt2s On Navbar
– Dt2s On Status Bar
– Dui Fling (Navbar With Gestures)
– Dui Pulse Sound Eq In The Statusbar
– Dui Smartbar (On-screen Navbar)
– Enhanced Changelog In Aicpextras
– Enhanced Dui Navbar Qs Tile (On/off/switch Type)
– Enhanced Qs Tile For Hotspot (Longpress For Tethering Options)
– Expanded Statusbar Weather
– File Persistence On “Hosts” File Between Flashes
– Fingerprint Authentication Vibration
– Fingerprint On Reboot (Optional)
– Fingerprint Scrolling
– Flip To Mute Call (Dialer)
– Flip To Mute/reject Call
– Force Expanded Notifications (Also Via Settings!)
– Header Date+time Position
– Header Image Shadow + Text Shadow
– Header Images (Via Omnistyle Packages)
– Headphones Icon Switch
– Hide Apps From Recents
– Hide Dashboard Menu
– Hide Lockscreen Clock, Date & Alarm
– Hide Magisk Manager / Supersu From Settings, If It Is Uninstalled
– Hide Status Bar On (Secure) Lockscreen
– Increasing Ring Volume
– Installed Apps: Show Link To Google Playstore
– Integrated Ota-update App In Aicp Extras
– Keyguard Statusbar Clock Toggle
– Kill Switch For Status Bar Notifications
– Launch Music Player When Headset Is Connected
– Less Notifications Sound
– Lock Apps In Recents (Slimrecents)
– Lockscreen Blur
– Lockscreen Colors
– Lockscreen Shortcuts
– Lockscreen Torch
– Mediascanner Behavior On Boot Changeable
– Membar In Recents (Default And In Slimrecents)
– Navbar Tile: One Tap To Enable/disable, Long Tap To Choose Nav Type
– Navigation Disabled Notification
– Network Traffic In Status Bar
– Notification Counter In Statusbar
– Notification Light
– Notifications Transparency
– Omnijaws (Qs Weather & Weather In Statusbar)
– Omniswitch
– Omniswitch As Launcher Or For Recents
– On-the-go Mode
– One Hand Mode (With Dui Navbar)
– Option To Hide Lockscreen Clock, Date & Alarm Text
– Own Battery Icon “Tha Battery”
– Pa Accidental Touch
– Pa Color Engine
– Pa Pie 3.0 Control
– Pa Pocket Mode
– Pixel Navigation Bar Animation
– Power Menu And Dialogs Transparency
– Power Menu Animations
– Power Menu On Lock Screen Hide
– Power/reboot Dialogs Dim Amount
– Pulsing Animation Of The Solid Battery
– Qs Footer Warnings
– Qs Header Transparency
– Qs Shade Transparency
– Qs Stroke Settings
– Qs Switchable For Location (From Laos)
– Qs Tile For Ambient Display
– Qs Tile For Battery Profiles
– Qs Tile For Music Playback & Title Display
– Qs Tile For Night Mode
– Qs Tile For Own App Or Action To Pin To
– Qs Tile Titles Visibility
– Qs Tile To Deactivate/activate Ambient Display
– Qs Tiles Columns
– Qs Tiles Rows
– Qs Tiles- Aicp Extras, Ime, Volume Panel, Ring, Music, Reboot, Fling/smartbar, Pie, Screen Off, Expanded Desktop, Lockscreen, Screenrecord, Screenshot, Caffeine, Weather, Etc.
– Quick Open Qs, When No Notification Is Present
– Quick Open Running Services Via Qs Tile Or Notification
– Quick Qs For Bluetooth
– Quick Qs For Mobile Data
– Quick Qs Tile For Location
– Quick Qs Tile For Wifi
– Quick Reboot Qs Tile
– Quick Settings Disable On Lockscreen
– Recents Fullscreen
– Reset Battery Stats
– Rom Stats
– Screen Record
– Screenshot Edit Via Own Buildin (Simple) App
– Screenshot Sound Toggle
– Screenshot Type (Whole Or Partial Screen)
– Scrolling Cache
– Scrolling For Quicktoggles
– Set Start/end-colour Of Pulse
– Silent Mode
– Slim Recents Iconpack Support
– Slim Recents: Allow To Adjustment Of Round Corners For Cards
– Slimaction Widgets For Restart, Etc.
– Slimrecents With Tweaks Like App Side Bar Display
– Small Qs Tiles (Scrollable)
– Smartbar Button Tint
– Smartbar: Pixel Button Animatiom
– Smartbar: Show Arrows For Next/previous Track When Playing Audio
– Status Bar Temperature
– Status Bar Ticker
– Statusbar 4g <-> Lte Switch
– Statusbar Aicp Logo
– Statusbar Ticker For Notifications And Music Title
– Substratum In Settings If Installed
– Superuser Indicator On Status Bar For Lineage Su-addon
– Task Manager (Running Services) In Status Bar
– Theme And Font Support, Systemless, Through Oms7 (Substratum)
– Three-fingers-swipe To Screenshot
– Tiles Animation Style & Speed
– Time Contexual Header (Via Omnistyle)
– Toast Icons Display Toggle
– Toggle Dashboard Layout, Descriptions, Summaries
– Toggle Display Music Visualization On Lockscreen
– Toggle To Make Volume Buttons Change Music Volume, Not Phone
– Torch In Powermenu
– Unlink Notification Volume
– Vibrator Strength (In Other Sounds) On Activated Devices
– Volume Dialog Stroke Settings
– Volume Dialog Transparency
– Volume Key Answer
– Volume Steps
– Wake Display On Plug Into Charger
– Weather In Statusbar Headers With Icon Support
– Weather Settings For Lockscreen (In Aicp Extras)
– Yoga Time
– Zen Icon In Statusbar

Bugs : 

  • VPN
  • Video Recording – Use Footej

Main Highlight : 

  • Latest Build From Source 08/02/2018
  • Security Patch (R36)
  • Brightness Issue Fixed
  • Default Storage : SDCard
  • Storage R/W Permission Fixed
  • Battery Backup
  • GPS Fixed
  • Camera Fixed
  • Both Storage Mounting In PC And Phone
  • Both SIM Working
  • FM Radio In Headset

Download Links : 

 AICP :- Click ME

Credit : 

  • Attached2Android
  • AICP Developers
  • Fire855
  • Aditya Kumar
  • Anand Umap
  • Tribetman
  • Teja K
  • ManjuNath Sir
  • Raj Kumar [Compiling Rom From Source + Fixing Bugs]
  • Anupam Anand
  • If I Forgot To Mention SomeOne Plz, Comment

Flashing Instructions

1.You must have a custom recovery
2. If you have already flashed custom recovery, then only proceed
3. Wipe data/factory reset in recovery
4. Wipe advance->dalvik cache
5. Flash ROM from sdcard
6. Flash Patch (Important)
6. Reboot and enjoy

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