PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat 7.1.2 (E313)

PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat 7.1.2 (E313) By Anupam

Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat ROM

We are back here with the 18+ ROM this time, i.e PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat 7.1.2 for micromax E313 device. The ROM is bugless and free with 18+ wallpapers, sounds, 18+ pre installed wallpapers and much more. You can port this ROM to your device easily if you have chipset MT6592 and Kernel 3.4.67. The download link is given below.

What is PornAOSP?

What? Porn? An OS? How’s it even possible?

Looks fake, huh? Let me show you how wrong you are. It’s actually being developed.And you can get it here!

This project started as a joke on a Polish Redmi Note 4 users group (not available anymore). Someone managed to post a fake screenshot of PornHubOS running on a Redmi Note 4 to @rn4official. It was met with great enthusiasm, and even greater expectations. So, while it was going viral, we thought “Why not make it a reality?”. And thus PornAOSP was born.

PornAOSP Team created a Telegram group to share or project to the world, which grew to 250 members within a few hours. It also managed to run through a few of spam attacks, but that’s a story for another day. After some time they considered the issue of the PornHub trademark. They managed to release one build with PornHubOS name, but later ones will be branded PornAOSP. They strongly believe that name is much more neutral. They don’t wish to risk a copyright abuse. However, the final name could change.


ROM Features


1. Statusbar

➡ Superuser indicator on/of
➡ Network Traffic indicators
➡ Custom Carrier Label
➡ Custom Statusbar icons
➡ Brightness Control
➡ Double-Tap On Statusbar to Sleep

2. Interface

➡ Custom Density settings
➡ Media cover art on/off
➡ Quick settings on lockscreen on/off
➡ And more..

3. Buttons

➡ Live volume
➡ Hardware Key Configuration
➡ Power Menu Configuration
➡ Advanced reboot
➡ And more..

4. Misc

➡ System app remover
➡ Screenshot Sound
➡ The list goes on…..


What’s Working:-


➡ WiFi
➡ Weird Sounds After Flashing Gapps Fixed
➡ Adaptive brightness
➡ Phone FC Fixed
➡ Camera (Stock Camera) + Video Recording (Except Stock Camera) Working Perfectly
➡ No Need To Reboot For Apps To Appear In-App Drawer
➡ Hotspot Fixed
➡ BT Fixed
➡ Data Working
➡ 1080p Playback In Gallery Fixed
➡ Youtube 720p Fixed,1080p too
➡ Youtube Live Playback Fixed
➡ Solid explore file manager added
➡ Titanium backup added
➡ No Sim Fixed
➡ No Network Drop Found
➡ USSD Fixed
➡ Auto rotation Fixed
➡ Substratum support(no need to reboot to apply theme)
➡ After Reboot Quick Settings Too
➡ Rest Are As Nougat
➡ Too Many Features


➡ VPN (Use ShadowRock App : NAT Mode)
➡ Video Recording In Stock Camera.


PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat

PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat

PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat

PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat

PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat

PornAOSP ROM MT6592 Kernel 3.4.67 Nougat

Credits & Download Link

ROM Credit
1. Anupam Anand
2. Aditya Kumar
3. Tribetmen
4. LineageOS
5. Yash pal Joshi
6. github
8. Alex Newton

ROM Download Link

PORN Os :- Click Me

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