Does your Android phone keep shutting off? That is simple strategies to restore it!


Probably the greatest Android telephones are good. They’re extremely efficient, they’ve very good cameras, and they also have all the additional choices you care about. Nonetheless the second any sort of hassle occurs, it could be a big ache throughout the butt. One frequent concern people normally experience is their phone repeatedly shutting off unintended, and if this happens to you, it isn’t an outstanding time.

No matter if it’s a outcomes of a low battery, easy-to-fix bug, or one factor additional extreme, listed below are a few suggestions on simple strategies to stop your phone from shutting off while you don’t want it to.

Restart your phone

Google Pixel 7 Pro front view at an angle against green background

Provide: Joe Maring / Android Central (Image credit score rating: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

In case you’ve a phone that retains shutting off time and again, it’s potential you’ll merely must restart it. As silly as it would sound, turning it on and off as soon as extra really does work in a number of circumstances.

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